High-tech systems are becoming increasingly complex and more difficult to design, manufacture and maintain. The DIGITAL TWIN program develops methods to turn these types of systems into accurate digital twins: virtual software versions that allow you to run simulations to predict, for example, how changes in the design affect performance, how control can be improved, or which part on which needs maintenance at the moment.
Digital twins are currently still mostly based on static theoretical models based on normal behavior. By linking these models to measurement data that indicate how the system actually functions and combining this data with artificial intelligence, the researchers make digital copies that continuously improve and adapt themselves. The research focuses on a number of exemplary systems provided by the Dutch high-tech companies involved in the program.

“Integration of Data-drIven and model-based enGIneering in fuTure industriAL Technology With value chaIn optimizatioN (DIGITAL TWIN).”

DIGITAL TWIN will enable full digitalization of the value chain of high-tech systems and materials. The newly developed integrated approaches will be implemented and evaluated through industrial demonstrators, representing the use cases defined by industrial users that develop, manufacture, and operate high-tech systems, materials , and chemical processes. The involved users represent the complete value chain and come from different industrial sectors key to the Dutch economy: high-tech systems, consumer lifestyle products, and metal and composite materials. The developed open source tools and algorithms will bring the benefits of digital twin development to the public.

Research teams

DIGITAL TWIN brings together a comprehensive Dutch team of active and internationally leading principal investigators, researcheers and organisatons form six Dutch Universities.



The industrial consortium covers all aspects of the value chain, guarenteeing the relevancy of the DIGITAL TWIN program.




De Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek financiert toponderzoekers, geeft sturing aan de Nederlandse wetenschap via programma’s en beheert (inter)nationale kennisinfrastructuur.

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