Create Multi-Purpose Digital Twins for Industry that are a factor 1000 cheaper than current approaches (Extracted from IPN website)

Industry is currently becoming “smart industry” or “Industry 4.0”. Manufacturing companies are starting to embrace new technologies made possibly by ICT innovation, such as: Big Data, AI, IoT, Data Science, etc. Adopting and embracing these technologies is tough. This year an NWO Perspectief program on DIGITAL TWIN is started where industrial partners such as Airborne, Tata Steel, Philips (and others) want to reach out to PhD students and develop digital twinning framework for smartly combining data and first principle models to optimize their processes.

We invite you to join this journey and meet Airborne and Tata Steel up close and personal in a pre- work-week site-visit to already provide more insight in how these companies operate. During the week you will get the opportunity to access their data and link it to the physical processes inside their process.

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